I am. You are. He is ♥

Is it watermelon season yet?!……


What i’m excited about is that in the next couple days I will finally be done with 19 years of schooling and FINALLY able to read books for my own pleasure.


Hebrews 11

And by FAITH”

Read and be encouraged. I am

White noise

Sitting in a cafe in the middle of Manhattan…not meaning to but overhearing women next to me talking about how the next generation will make a difference in this world.

Can I get a witness?


No matter what state my heart is in

Here I am
Once again
I pour out my heart
For I know that you hear
Every cry
You are listening
No matter what state
My heart is in

You are faithful to answer
With words that are true
And a hope that is real
As I feel your touch
You bring a freedom
To all that’s within
In the safety of this place
I’m longing to

Pour out my heart
To say that I love You
Pour out my heart
To say that I need You
Pour out my heart
To say that i’m thankful
Pour out my heart
To say that You’re wonderful

As I reflect upon the 40 days of what you sacrificed to be the living sacrifice….I thank you for always listening…no matter what state my heart is in.

Bottom line

You have a choice. A choice to do the right thing or do what you think is the right thing. YOU MADE THAT CHOICE. Don’t blame your disappointment away on the nearest person to you. What you assume to be as the most painful moment might very well be the same as the one you are blaming. Dont give up on making choices. Dont let someone else do it for you so that your responsibility is actually on them. HERE. RIGHT NOW. Make those choices and dont live regretting what you did but work towards what you are going to do!

*brain vomit* (all coming from reading the creation story) HA…okay bye